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We created the award-winning interactive experience for the Deep Web Tour by Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover). Fully designed and developed in-house, we provided a full solution from rendering hardware to a mobile app for fans to download at the show.

Fans were able to interact with a real-time projection that displayed drawings and messages from the app. There were also elements designed to accompany the show, such as live polls and push notifications.

Our work helped Childish Gambino win the 2015 MTV Woodie award for "next level performance", given to artists who find new ways to "reach their audience through cutting edge technology".



Downplay is an upcoming music discovery platform. We partnered with Downplay LLC to design and build a bold user experience for their service. To realize their vision, we created a number of custom technologies including: a Javascript framework called SUITE to handle its unconventional design without the drawbacks of CSS, a backend audio processor to generate unique animated waveforms, and a drag-and-drop administration console.

Downplay will be launching soon on mobile and web.

because the internet - interactive script

We worked with Childish Gambino to craft a website for the screenplay that accompanied his sophomore album "because the internet". The site featured custom music players for the tracks in the album and video players for the clips. Users could also 'hack' the site to reveal hidden content.

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We are a modern development firm specializing in technology and branding for musicians and other creators.

3am LLC has extensive experience developing innovative web and mobile apps that have scaled to meet the needs of some of the largest musicians in the world. We love working on exciting projects that have never been attempted before. Our engineers are well versed in cutting-edge tools like WebGL and Angular.js. Our past projects include large-scale album launches, interactive live events, and full-featured mobile apps. We are a flexible and efficient company with a proven track record of successful launches.




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